In 2010, Off Set transformed into a virtual supplier for the event, theatre, film and television industry in order to maintain fair prices and service levels. We have chosen this business model to become more competitive and tuned to your needs.

While our three main products: director's chairs, pop-up tents and Polytak are often used in event, film and television production, these products also have practical personal and business uses in the marine, sporting and renovation industries.

Off Set can assist you in evaluating your needs and assess your current project requirements, help determine your priorities and then recommend product solutions to help you get the job done right.

Off Set sells high-quality products from:

  • Telescope World Famous
  • Hollywood D-2000
  • EZ-Up
  • Impact Canopy

Re-selling pre-owned, used supplies, therefore encouraging the "reduction, reuse and recycling" of production equipment and materials.

Using our website to list items for purchase, rather than printed catalogues.

Only printing when necessary and utilizing electronic communications.

Minimizing truck and fuel usage by combining shipments.

Collecting and recycling non-refundable items such as metal, electronics, printing cartridges, plastics, packaging materials.

Requesting environmental policies from vendors, and always looking out for "greener" options.

Since we are now an e-business, we can honestly say that we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint!