Clean Room Mats

Clean Room Mats

Placing this high tech product in traffic areas and main entrances will help protect and extend the life of floor finishes, carpets and furnishings.
The adhesive coated film on top effectively removes dirt from shoes and equipment wheels. As foot traffic or wheels pass over the surface of the mat, the non-transferring adhesive locks onto the dirt and captures it.
Then the exposed layer is completely used, simply peel it off to expose the next clean layer.


18" x 36’ (60 sheets)24”x 30’ (30 sheets)

18" x 36’ (60 sheets)

36”x 36’ (30 sheets)

24”x 30’ (60 sheets)






Jamb Saver

Jamb Saver®

Jamb Saver offers temporary REUSABLE protection for valuable door jambs during moving, remodeling, carpet cleaning, appliance moving and other activities when door jambs can be damaged.
This tough, easy to use plastic product snaps around most door casings.
The soft foam backing protects delicate, expensive wood finishes from costly damage.
Jamb Saver is cost effective and features a unique design that compresses, requiring minimal space for storage and transport.





Window Mask

Window Mask ®
Window Mask is the best way to protect windows during interior and exterior plastering, painting, welding or any other activity where windows may be damaged.


12” x 600’

21” x 600’




Floor Liner

Hardwood Floor Protection

  • This product is the first adhesive based runner safe for all types of hardwood floors – comprised of non-woven synthetic fibers that have polyethylene topside and a light tack adhesive on the back. These features protect the surface from liquid spills and ensure slip resistance
    once applied to the surface.
  • Hardwood Floor Protection is reusable and may be left in place for up to 120 days and is safe for tile and other non-porous surfaces.
  • Floor Liner can also be used on linoleum, ceramic tile, glass tiles, bathtubs, cultured marble, counter tops and other hard surfaces.
  • Multi-Size Applicator also available for purchase. Fits 24″, 30″ and 36″ wide rolls.


20" x 56'

40" x 56'

40" x 163'





Floor Mask®

  • This specially formulated 3 mil. self adhesive poly film is designed to provide temporary protection for hard surfaces.
  • Use during construction, plastering, painting, remodeling, renovations or repairs.
  • Ideal for use on linoleum, ceramic tile, glass, bathtubs, cultured marble, counter tops and other surfaces.
  • Simply roll it on and it stays where you put it for durable protection and resistance to tearing and scuffing.
  • When you’re done, is easily removed.
  • Maximum recommended application time is 30 days.






Non-Adhesive 36” x 50’

Non-Adhesive 36” x 300’








Carpet Mask®

The Original Self Adhesive Carpet Protection.

  • Temporary protection for synthetic carpets against damage during high traffic times.
  • Tough, 2mil. linear low density polyethylene film with solvent based adhesive applied to one side.
  • Resists tearing and puncturing, stays in place, has skid resistant surface, easy to remove, and does not transfer adhesive to the carpeting.
  • Maximum application time is 30 days.


21” x 35’

21” x 200’

21 x 1000’



24” x 200


24” x 1000’

30” x 200’


36” x 500’













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