LeMaitre Neutron XS Hazer

The Neutron XS Hazer utilises LeMaitre’s world patented S.T.A.R (Sequentially Tracked Automatic Re-Issue) technology to produce consistently pure haze with no oil, no water, no residue and no noise.


This compact unit can deliver up to 150 hours of haze from just one 2.5 litre bottle of fluid. Combine this with its minimal power consumption and built in self cleaning mechanism, and you have a top of the range hazer that is low cost as well as low maintenance.




  • Instantaneous high output with no heat up time required
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Silent, efficient and NO RESIDUE
  • 0-10v output as standard. DMX remote control unit optional extra
  • 50 degree projection from high velocity fan


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